Glossary of Terms

Act of Parliament that details the relationship between ourselves the Park Owner and yourselves the Park Resident. It details the responsibilities of both the Park Owner and the Resident together with the way the pitch fee is reviewed on an annual basis. The 1983 Mobile Home Act Agreement is the document we both sign on the completion of the park home purchase.

The Local Authority issue the Park Owner with the Site Licence. It details the conditions that apply to the operation of the Site.

The rules that are place to ensure the smooth running of the Park and define the rights of a Resident that are not specifically defined by either the 1983 Mobile Home Act or the Site Licence Conditions.

A deposit placed to reserve a plot for 6 months to allow you time to sell your house and specify your new Home.

A deposit to reserve an immediately available home for 3 months to enable you to complete the transaction.

When buying a bespoke home we require 10% of the final purchase price prior to the order for production being given to the manufacturer.

All new mobile homes purchased from ourselves are supported by a 10 year warranty on the structure of the home, with a 1 year warranty on the internal fixtures and fittings.