Park Rules


In these rules:

These rules are in place to ensure acceptable standards are maintained on the park, which will be of general benefit to occupiers, and to promote and maintain community cohesion. They form part of the Agreement by which homeowners occupy the pitch in accordance with the Mobile Homes Act 1983, as amended.

With one exception the rules also apply to any occupiers of park homes who rent their home.

The only rule which does not apply to occupiers who rent their home is rule 32 about the colour of the exterior of the home, as someone renting their home would not be responsible for exterior maintenance, except where their tenancy agreement states otherwise.

These rules also apply (for so long as they live on the park) to the park owner and any employees, with the exception of the following rules 12 and 27.

Condition of the Pitch

1. For reasons of ventilation and safety you must keep the underneath of your home clear and not use it as a storage space.

2. Fences or other means of enclosure are not allowed unless they are behind the elevation of the home fronting onto the road and are below 1 metre in height, constructed of non-combustible material and homeowners also have the approval of the park owner (which will not be withheld unreasonably).

3. You must not have external fires, including incinerators, domestic BBQ are permitted.

4. You must not keep inflammable substances on the park except in quantities reasonable for domestic use.

5. You must not keep explosive substances on the park.


6. You must not have more than one storage shed on the pitch. Where you source the shed yourself the design, standard and size of the shed must be approved by us in writing (approval willnot be withheld or delayed unreasonably). You must position the shed so as to comply with the park’s site licence and fire safety requirements. The footprint of the shed shall not exceed 4.8 m2.

7. You must not have any storage receptacle on the pitch other than the shed mentioned in rule 6, any receptacle for the storage of domestic waste pending collection by the local authority and a security cabinet designed for LPG cylinders if your home requires one.

8. You must ensure that any shed or other structure erected in the separation space between park homes is of non-combustible construction and positioned so as to comply with the park’s site licence conditions and fire safety requirements. The separation space is the space between your park home and any neighbouring home.


9. You are responsible for the disposal of all household, recyclable and garden waste in approved containers through the local authority service. You must not overfill containers and must place them in the approved position for the local authority collections.

10. You must not deposit any waste or rubbish other than in local authority approved containers on any part of the park (including any individual pitch).

Business Activities

11. You must not use the park home, the pitch or the park (or any part of the park) for any business purpose, and you must not use the park home or the pitch for the storage of stock, plant, machinery or equipment used or last used for any business purpose. However you are at liberty to work individually from home by carrying out any office work of a type which does not create a nuisance to other occupiers and does not involve other staff, other workers, customers or members of the public calling at the park home or the park.

Age of Occupants

12. No person under the age of 50 years may reside in a park home with the exception of the park owner and their family, the park warden and any representative of the park owner.

Noise Nuisance

13. You must not use musical instruments, all forms of recorded music players, radios and other similar appliances and motor vehicles so as to cause a nuisance to other occupiers, especially between the hours of 10.30pm and 8.00am.

14. You are responsible for all children visiting you. You must ensure that control is used to avoid causing a nuisance to other residents.


15. You must not keep any pets or animals except the following:

Note: The express terms of a homeowner’s agreement contain an undertaking on the part of the homeowner not to allow anything which is or becomes a nuisance, inconvenience or disturbance to other occupiers at the park and this undertaking extends to the behaviour of pets and animals. A similar requirement not to cause a nuisance applies to tenants and again this includes the behaviour of pets and animals.

Note: These rules do not have retrospective effect. If the keeping of the pet complied with the previous rules, an occupier will not be treated as being in breach when these rules take effect. However, when the pet dies or leaves it can only be replaced if this would comply with these rules.


16. Where water is not separately metered at the park home or not separately charged you must not use hoses, except in case of fire.

17. You must only use fire point hoses and fire fight equipment in case of fire.

18. You must protect all external water pipes on your pitch from potential frost damage.

Drainage and Sewage System

19. You must not dispose of cleaning wipes and cloths into the sewage system.

Vacant Plots

20. Access is not permitted to vacant plots. Building materials, equipment and/or plant must be left undisturbed.

Vehicles and Parking

21. You must drive all vehicles on the park carefully and within the displayed speed limit.

22. You must be able to park all your vehicles on the designated parking area on your plot.

23. You must not park on the roads or grass verges.

24. You must not park anywhere except in the permitted parking spaces.

25. Touring caravans and motorhomes may be parked in approved parking spaces for a period of 48 hours to facilitate their loading and unloading only and must not be used for habitation purposes.

26. Motorhomes may be parked in an approved parking space for longer periods if they are the regular mode of transport for the home owner.

27. Other than for delivering goods and services, you must not park or allow parking of commercial vehicles of any sort on the park, including:

28. You must hold a current driving licence and be insured to drive any vehicle on the park. You must also ensure that any vehicle you drive on the park is taxed in accordance with the requirements of law and is in a roadworthy condition.

29. Disused or unroadworthy vehicles must not be kept anywhere on the park. We reserve the right to remove any vehicle which is apparently abandoned.

30. You must not carry out the following works or repairs on the park:


31. You must not use or display guns, firearms and offensive weapons (including crossbows) on the park and you may only keep them on the pitch or in your home if you hold the appropriate licence and they are securely stored in accordance with that licence.

External Decoration

32. Homeowners must maintain the outside of their park home in a clean and tidy condition. Where the exterior is repainted or recovered homeowners must use reasonable endeavours not to depart from the original exterior colour-scheme.

Hedges and Trees

33. You are responsible for the maintenance of all boundary hedges to your plot. You must ensure that roadways footpaths and recreational walks remain clear at all times.

34. Where a tree is deemed unsafe by a qualified tree specialist we will pay for all works to correct the situation.

35. You must not carry out any works to trees without our written permission which will not be unreasonably withhold.

36. You must not plant trees or shrubs within 1 metre of your plot boundary.

37. You must not plant conifer type trees on the Park.


38. Your home must be insured and a copy of the policy document kept on record at the Park.

39. Your TV ariel and satellite dish should only be securely mounted to the structure of your home.

40. Only rotary type washing lines may be used on the Park.


41. A fishing permit is available for all home owners and their guests while accompanied by the resident limited to no more than 3 rods at any time. An Environment Agency Rod License is required.

42. Swimming is not permitted in the lake.